Mark Sanford Disappearing Faster Than South Carolina’s Job Rate

South Carolina heartthrob Gov. Mark Sanford skipped a meeting with a top economic adviser and instead headed out of state to spend some quality time with the one woman he hasn’t been secretly doing, his lovely wife Jenny!

Now, normally I’m all for a little one-on-one time with the wifey, especially after hubby Mark’s tearful confession of an affair with “the love of his life” and “soul mate”–Argentinian hottie, Maria Belen Chapur, when he was supposed to be off hiking the Appalachian Trail, not holed up in a Buenos Aires motel with his long-legged Latina mistress.

But, according to his spokesman Joel Sawyer, Sanford’s latest honeymoon outside South Carolina’s beautiful borders, is just business as usual for the heartbreaker governor.

“The governor remains committed to repairing the damage he’s done to his marriage, and so it shouldn’t be any surprise that spending personal time with his wife is a part of that process.”

Just like it shouldn’t be any surprise that what began as an innocent hike along the Appalachian Trail ended in a teary-eyed governor reading love letters to Maria and bravely admitting all the other extramarital dalliances he so deeply regrets (getting caught in).

So I guess we can only assume that in between cheating on Jenny, seducing women, Latina and otherwise, and all around being an upstanding member of the Republican Party, South Carolina’s humble governor has been hard at work fixing the critical budget problems and skyrocketing unemployment rate gripping the state.

Maybe that’s why the only thing worse than the state of his marriage is the state of his broke-ass, stimulus-rejecting, job hemorrhaging, neglected, red-headed stepchild of a state, South Carolina.

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