Master Of The House

It’s On!
President Barack Obama faced down scary House Republicans on Tuesday only to find the hard chargin’, tough talkin’ swingers of the right softer than a bunch Pillsbury dough boys.

The night before a key vote on a key economic stimulus bill, Obama met privately with GOP House leaders on Tuesday where he coaxed them with all the sexy words Republicans like to hear like “Ronald Reagan” “budget cuts” and “big-government, bad.”

But just in case that wasn’t enough to make these hardened Republicans putty in the president’s hand, Mr. Rock Star Obama showed his bipartisan spirit by extending an invitation to several congressman to have drinks at the White House after today’s vote.

Since the bill is likely to pass even without a single Republican supporter, Obama figures the least he could do to soften the GOP pain that comes with realizing your party has become totally irrelevant is to offer them a stiff glass to drown their sorrows.

Bottoms up!

Ah, The Sweet Taste Of Victory!

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