McCain Picks Young Hottie As Running Mate In Effort To Stave Off Extinction

You gotta hand it to the old man. With his presidential campaign basically on life support, McCain jolted his tired candidacy back from the near-dead with his choice of 44-year-old hottie and Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin as running mate. At the spry, young age of 44, Palin offers the perfect youthful contrast to McCain’s 71 long years of skin-wrinkling experience.

But before we get too excited over McCain’s very own Energizer Bunny, let’s look at some other possible VP candidates for the GOP, based upon the same qualifications used to select Gov. Palin: must love guns almost as much as making babies, must have two or less years of political experience, and must be currently under investigation for federal ethics violations.

Also on McCain’s VP shortlist:

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