McCain Uses Economic Crisis To Avoid Embarrassing Himself In Live Presidential Debate

Despite pleas from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid begging McCain not to cancel Friday’s presidential debate in order to return to Washington to try and “fix” the economic crisis he himself helped create, McCain remained steadfast in his attempt to avoid facing Barack Obama in a live debate.

That McCain, always putting country first!

Of course it makes more sense to return to the Capitol to bring even more partisan gridlock to the proposed economic bailout package than to actually hold a live presidential debate on these pressing issues.

It is called the “Save McCain From Public Humiliation” bailout plan. Basically it consists of the McCain campaign using any excuse necessary to avoid their candidate getting manhandled by a smooth-talking whippersnapper who not only knows how many houses he has (one), but actually knows a thing or two about economics…

And no, John, knowing you almost failed it in college doesn’t count.

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