Mitt Romney Is Too Busy Horsing Around To Bother With The Whole "Tax Return" Thing

Poor, misunderstood, possibly criminal Mittens! He and his dancing horse have hit a bit of a rough patch, and all the hoof-clicking and fancy four-legged prancing in the world (of horse ballet) may not be enough to keep this Mormon Stallion perched comfortably atop his High Horse.

Because, you see, Willard “Mitt” Romney may or may not have lied to the SEC about the wonderful times he had at Bain Capital between 1999 and 2002, lording over the dismantling of American jobs and companies before “retroactively retiring” to fulfill his dream of bringing the thrills of choreographed horse steps to Salt Lake City.

And what kind of thanks does he get? Continuous, ever growing demands to release his tax returns so voters can see Mitt Romney has nothing to hide (that’s what offshore accounts are for, my friend!) and is just like every other normal American who writes off $77,000 in taxes so Seabiscuit can learn proper techniques for synchronized ribbon-twirling sans arms or hands.

And that’s just the taxes we’re allowed to know about!

Via ABC:

Mitt Romney is standing firm on his plans to release two years worth of tax returns and nothing more.  Romney already released his tax return for 2010, and an estimate for 2011.  When asked for a firm date for the release of the 2011 return, a top Romney adviser said he couldn’t provide one.

On Fox News this morning, Romney said, “John McCain ran for president and released two years of tax returns.”  He added, “John Kerry ran for president and you know his wife who has hundreds of millions of dollars.  She never released her tax returns and somehow this wasn’t an issue.”

Somehow she wasn’t the one running for President.

The Romney campaign believes the issue of Romney’s returns isn’t resonating with voters as much as the Obama campaign would like…

In addition to stepping up their attacks on what they call President Obama’s cronyism – rewarding wealthy donors and friends — the Romney campaign will also argue this week that this debate over Romney’s tax returns and the candidate’s role three years after Romney left Bain Capital in 1999 are “distractions” by the Obama campaign.  Romney, they say, remains focused on the big issues including the economy and jobs.

Guess horse blinders’ll do that to you.

But that’s a horse of a different color. Namely the color of money.

Horseman Of The Apocalypse!

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