Mr. "Community Organizer" Reverts To His Race-Baiting Self–Must Be Election Time!

I See Black People!

Rudy Giuliani doesn’t much care for “community organizers or any other secret code name disingenuous former New York City mayors like to use to describe scary black people when pandering to whites-preferred groups like the Republican Party.

Especially when trying to convince a group of frail old Superjews in Brooklyn to vote for Mayor Michael Bloomberg over that frightening, strange-colored man Democrat Bill Thompson.

“I worried daily [in his last days in office] that the city might be turned back to the way it was before 1993—and you know exactly what I’m talking about,” Giuliani said. Wink wink.

“This community remembers the fears, the worries and the crimes—and the great fear of going out at night and walking the streets…This city could very easily be taken back in a very different direction — it could very easily be taken back to the way it was with the wrong political leadership.”

In other words, elect a black mayor over his perfectly white opponent and it’s back to the Shtetl for you, nice old Jewish people who are so easy to scare.

“This is a tired Republican campaign tactic — scare people into voting by threatening their personal safety,” Anne Fenton, spokeswoman for the Thompson campaign, said. “It didn’t work for Rudy Giuliani during his abysmal presidential bid, and it’s not going to work for Mike Bloomberg this year.”

City Councilman Bill de Blasio was also appalled.

“Giuliani’s comments verge on race-baiting,” he said. “Bloomberg should disavow those comments and show that he doesn’t buy into that kind of rhetoric.”

What are you crazy? He’s a billionaire with the last name Bloomberg. Asking him to not buy something is like asking Rudy Giuliani to actually believe in something.

Fuggedaboudit! Neither one’s gonna happen.

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