Much Like Their Cars, Auto Bailout Deal Sputters And Dies In Senate

The emergency $14 billion bailout for U.S. automakers went up in flames in the U.S. Senate after United Auto Workers (UAW) refused to accept Republican demands for swift wage cuts.

The tight-fisted Republicans (their lil $550 billion spree in Iraq doesn’t count) decided they just couldn’t give away good federal money to hard-working auto workers unless they agreed to take pay cuts like their multimillionaire bosses.

But those greedy auto workers just wouldn’t budge and refused to instate any wage cuts before their union contracts expire in 2011, preferring to watch the bill sputter and die in the senate, in true auto industry tradition.

So, while the Big Three Automakers teeter on the verge of collapse, the American people can give a hearty thanks to all those Republican senators who understand the government is not there to give blank checks to help average citizens.

It’s there to fund wars and help bail out rich CEO’s from their own greed and incompetence–at the taxpayer’s expense of course!

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