Nerd Prom, Round Two

Joker-in-Chief Barack Obama knows a little something about catching flies–and wooing large, celebrity-speckled crowds of journalists, politicians and other VIP-types at the 65th annual Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association Dinner. Not to be confused with last month’s Nerd Prom aka the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, where our favorite MC was equally charming.

So, once again Barry dons a tux and dazzles the crowd with some topical humor and a few, well-placed zingers–especially ones aimed at the audience. They go crazy for that sort of thing!

Like saying he’d rather be here with all the fine radio and TV folk than at last month’s high-profile, hoity-toity White House Correspondents Dinner, the “Cadillac of the Correspondents’ Dinners.”

“I want to express my appreciation for the opportunity to tell jokes that weren’t funny enough for me to use when we did this five weeks ago. The jokes may not be as good, but neither is the guest list. For me, there’s no contest. Why bother hanging out with celebrities when I can spend time with the people who made me one?”

HAHAHAHA!!! Get it?? That Barry is killer!

“As you know, we’ve been working around the clock on to repair our major financial institutions and our auto companies. But you probably wouldn’t understand the concept of troubled industries, working as you do in radio and television.”

Nuh-uh, he didn’t.

Speaking of troubled systems, no comedic performance would be complete without a swipe at the nation’s healthcare debate.

“I’m pleased that in our quest to reform the health care system, I have gained the support of the American Medical Association. It proves true the old expression that it’s easier to catch flies with honey. And if honey doesn’t work, feel free to use an open palm and a swift, downward wrist motion.”

Wonder if that works on Republicans too.

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