New York State Sen. Marty Golden Knows What Women Want Is To Turn The Clock Back 50 Years

Well, well, just who is this dapper old man who can melt a lady’s heart with a wink of an eye and confident flash of his pearly whites?

Why, none other than distinguished Republican New York State Senator Marty Golden, a real swingin’ Daddy-O, congressional cool cat who knows just what them broads need to get a smooth, pantyhose-covered leg up in today’s competitive job market.

Republican State Sen. Marty Golden’s office is holding a career-development event for women in his southern Brooklyn district teaching them “Posture, Deportment and the Feminine Presence.”

The taxpayer-funded event – presented by a “certified protocol consultant” – is part of a series teaching women in Brooklyn “what’s new in the 21st century as it relates to business etiquette and social protocol.” More details are also available on Golden’s Senate website, including the fact that women in attendance will be taught to, “Sit, stand and walk like a model,” how to, “Walk up and down a stair elegantly” and “Differences in American and Continental rules governing handshakes and introductions.”

Other goals of the “Polished Professional” summer series were to teach women “posture, deportment and the feminine presence,” as well as how to “correctly introduce self and others to: religious leaders, politicians, military and other socially prominent officials.”

**Swoon** Well I do declare, Marty Golden, you sure have a way with the womenfolk!

Oh and forget your advanced degree, dollface, because the real question is where the butter knife goes, and how to keep your lipstick stains off his coffee mug and on your puckers where it belongs.

But, nooooooo. Some stupid women’s lib groups and femiNAZIS apparently don’t appreciate grace lessons and posture pointers from some creepy old man because they’re too busy burning bras and having abortions, probably.

State Sen. Liz Krueger, a Manhattan Democrat, criticized the class for aiming to teach aspiring women professionals the wrong skills. Earlier Tuesday she said she sometimes feels as though she drives “three hours north and 50 years back in history” when she goes to the state capital, Albany.

“Making sure that we walk correctly?” Krueger said. “If you’re a woman in the workforce, do you really think that this is an issue for 2012?”

Umm, let’s see, does your boss have a penis and capital (R) after his name?

“Rather than passing legislation such as the Fair Pay Act to assist women in the workplace, the Senate Republicans appear to be offering career advice on posture and how to act feminine,” said Krueger. “Perhaps this would be appropriate on Mad Men, but not in New York in the 21st century.”

NOW-NYC President Sonia Ossorio agreed. “Telling women to walk like a model particularly stings when women haven’t been able to count on the legislature to pass fair pay laws, or the city to pass paid sick days and end the cuts to subsidized day care.”

Hmm, sounds just like something a slut or feminist would say. The estrogen-filled ingrates!

“The actual issues women face aren’t addressed by special classes on ‘the art of feminine presence’ and how to ‘walk up and down a stair elegantly,’” Feministe blogger Jill Filipovic said via email. “Our political leaders should be focusing on necessary policy changes to make sure that all women are paid fairly and are able to succeed professionally, regardless of their ability to walk with a book on their head. A 1950s-style etiquette class focusing on feminine charms rather than actual business acumen is insulting, regressive and wasteful.”

But you know it better as the (Marty) Golden Ages.

[image via City & State/Wonkette]

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