Now You Can Wear Whatever Dumb, Terrible Reason You're Voting Tea Party Right On Your Proud, White Chest!

Do you crave a hot, new look like some phat new gear to ironically display your disgust at the freaky hillbillies and Klansmen running around with Teabags taped to various appendages, while hootin’ & hollerin’ ’bout how Blacky NObama’s big, bad gubmint is bankruptin’ America?

Then, these chic new “I’m Voting Tea Party” (fill-in-the-blank with whatever racist and/or ignorant reason people actually choose to support these freaks) is just what the doctor ordered. Before condemning you, Granny, and your special needs precious li’l miracle of God to certain doom at the hands of Obama’s roving death squads, of course.

Either way, these fresh TEAriffic t-shirts sure beat the dickens out of those lame “F*ck Tea” ones before ’em, though their hearts were surely in the right place, and by right, we naturally mean those fellow progressives, whose sanity did not disintegrate as soon as a black man took the oath of office.

So grab one today and let the whole world know what retarded thing NObama won’t let you do now, or whatever your favorite terribly misguided reason for joining the rest of the borderline psychotics, misfits,  felons, and other white power patriots who make Tea Parties the hot, caffeinated, brown (only after being brewed, don’t worry!) stain on society, we elitists with functional IQ levels can’t stop slurping up.

Barack Obama won’t firebomb innocent border-hopping Mexicans or even eat Muslim babies for breakfast. That’s why I’m voting Tea Party. You??

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