Obama And Blago: As Different As Black And White

Let’s get one thing straight.

Barack Obama and Rod Blagojevich may both be Democratic politicians from the Land of Lincoln, but the similarities pretty much end there.

For starters, Obama is an unabashed White Sox fan. Blago, on the other hand, is a die-hard Cubs fan, although he is willing to sell his beloved team if the Chicago Tribune’s bastard writing staff doesn’t start playing nice.

A faithful public servant even before venturing into the political arena, Obama spent several years as a community activist in Chicago, where he helped improve living conditions for many struggling, underprivileged minorities in the city.

On the contrary, Blagojevich spent several years in the Governor’s mansion, where he engaged in one of “the most staggering crime sprees ever seen in office,” including conspiring to sell Barack Obama’s vacated U.S. Senate seat to the highest bidder (“it’s f**king golden!”) and threatening to withhold vital state funds for Children’s Memorial Hospital if the a-holes in charge don’t start coughing up serious cash for Blago’s campaign.

So as much as he’d like to distance himself from the shamed Illinois governor, decent and honest Barack Obama will nonetheless continue to be linked to hometown sleaze bag Rod Blagojevich and his unnatural head of hair.

I guess every Jesus needs a Judas. Keeps things nice and balanced.

Oh, and happy 52nd birthday, Blago!

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