Obama Looks To Congress To Help The Gays "Ask And Tell"

President Barack Obama may be down with the gays (in that he doesn’t want to ship ’em off to a remote island), but some members of the rainbow mafia aren’t satisfied. I guess all of New England just isn’t good enough for some people!

Those greedy gays just won’t leave Barry alone now that he rules the world. They think it’s time for Obama to start honoring his promise only to forsake them until the election was over and he could assume his rightful place in the Oval Office. Then, with a graceful waive of his magic fairy wand, he could give finally give the queers those damn equal rights they keep bitching about.

But, suddenly Mr. hot shot Obama forgot about his gay and lesbian friends. It’s not that he doesn’t think they deserve the right to die for the country that refuses them the same constitutional rights as everyone else, it’s just that he doesn’t plan to intervene personally to stop the ongoing expulsion of homos from the military.

While the president certainly wants to do away with the hateful and unjust “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says critics must understand that a repeal requires “more than snapping one’s fingers.”

A policy such as this requires a “durable legislative solution,” but rest assured Obama is busy working with lawmakers to do away with this abominable policy once and for all.

But, in the meantime, pipe down, take your dishonorable discharge like the man, woman, or tranny that you are, and while we’re on it, would it really kill you to tone down the whole “gay thing” for once in your wretched life?

Remember people, the goal isn’t to make you more comfortable with them, it’s to make them less uncomfortable with you!

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