Obama Promises Not To Forsake Gays, But Only After Election Is Over

Okay, so we totally understand that Prop 8 is a really big deal and all. And not just for you Californians, but for the rest of us normal, old-fashioned Americans, too.

But, couldn’t you guys at least wait until after the Election to start making a whole fuss about how Barack Obama hasn’t been vocal enough in his opposition to California’s Prop 8, an initiative that would ban same-sex marriage?

Sure, in a perfect world, we’d all love (Obama included) to fire up the troops and rally beside our proud pink compatriots as they fight to end discrimination and fulfill America’s promise of freedom and equality for all.

But this is not a perfect world. And in this less-than-perfect world, I think it’s safe to say your timing really sucks.

You see, on the same day California decides whether or not to become one big San Francisco, another, even bigger vote looms on the ballot.

While I am sure Barack Obama would love to do more to support the LGBT community in its effort to quash Prop 8, you must forgive him if his attention is focused elsewhere, like on actually getting elected President of the U.S.

And I think we can all agree that, the importance of defeating Prop 8 not withstanding, winning the White House may be slightly higher on his list of priorities.

I mean can you really blame the guy?

Cause last I checked half-black secret Muslim terrorists named Barack Hussein Obama haven’t exactly been shoe-ins for the nation’s highest office, and something tells me becoming the poster boy for gay marriage a week before the election, isn’t going to make it any easier.

So let’s make a deal. No GLBT criticisms until after Election Day tomorrow…then, feel free to bring the whole freakin’ house down!

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