Obama Refuses To Pretend War Is Playful Romp Through Candyland

Guess what America? For the first time in almost two decades, you’ve earned the right to witness news coverage of returning U.S. soldiers killed in the line of duty. Ignorance is bliss no more, my friends. Not in Obama’s (White) House!

The administration’s policy reversal marks the end of an 18-year ban on press coverage of the U.S. war dead, enacted by George H.W. Bush in 1991 as a way to “shield grieving families” during the Persian Gulf War. It was NOT to “hide the human cost of war” as some of those hippy-dippy critic types would like you to believe.

Unfortunately for Bush Sr., blanket restrictions make President Obama very uncomfortable either way, so the new policy will instead let families of fallen U.S. servicemen decide whether to allow photographs and press coverage of the casket’s ceremonial arrival at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware (think of it like Ellis Island for slain U.S. soldiers).

For those who always thought war meant an all-expense paid exotic island getaway and spa retreat, Obama offered his deepest regrets.

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