Obama Uses Air Force Photo Op As Fun Excuse To Terrorize Wall Street

Well, well if it isn’t Barack Obama once again terrorizing the good people of this country–including his favorite target, the innocent lambs on Wall Street.

This time, it wasn’t his usual arsenal of executive pay caps, increased government oversight, and sensible tax policies that sent New Yorkers into a tizzy, but something far, far more sinister: the perfect Air Force One photo op!

Now, President Obama wasn’t actually on the plane (he was in Washington at the time) and was not even informed in advance of Air Force One’s low-altitude joy ride over New York harbor, which caused terrified Wall Street workers to flee buildings and run screaming into the streets for something other than the latest Dow Jones Industrial average.

But that didn’t stop President Obama, who was also apparently furious about the incident, from apologizing and ordering an immediate review of the little publicity stunt that cost taxpayers $328,835 and caused a furor in the otherwise tranquil pastures of New York’s financial district.

“It was a mistake,” Obama said. “It will not happen again.”

God damn right it won’t. Because John McCain is on it, my friends! And an apology and acceptance of responsibility from White House Military Office director Louis Caldera just ain’t gonna cut it.

It doesn’t matter that federal officials “took the proper steps to notify state and local authorities in New York and New Jersey” who then apparently forgot to share the information with Mayor Bloomberg.

What matters to Mr. McCain is that “the disruption and panic caused by the flight should have been foreseeable.”

To think, if only Obama had even a fraction of the foresight the man who gave us Sarah Palin has, this whole mess could have been avoided altogether. Just imagine where we’d be then!

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