Obama’s 3 AM Text Proves He’s Just ‘Biden’ His Time

Obama’s promise to text supporters his VP choice before the media found out may have been foiled by an insider leak–but rest assured, all is not lost! At least we now know the answer to one pressing question: Yes, as President, Mr. Night Owl Obama will indeed be there to answer that 3 AM call.

PLUS–we all know Clinton was trying to make a point with the whole “a leader who knows world leaders, knows the military, blah blah blah” on Obama’s supposed lack of foreign policy experience, but between the burning Obama effigy and Bill’s bright red face, we forgot what is was…

Lucky for us, Obama’s VP choice is none other than Joe Biden, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and a leading expert in terrorism who meets regularly with state and foreign ministers. Thanks for the advice, Hillrod!

But, perhaps more importantly, we finally have a Democrat who is not afraid to give you a piece (or ALL) of his mind. Ladies and Gentleman, I give you the one, the only, “Fightin’ Joe Biden!”

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