Obama’s Favorite Baseball Team Is Whichever One Leads To The White House

That secret Muslim terrorist Barack Obama is at it again. In his latest flip-flop, Obama took a break from plotting his socialist takeover of the U.S. to campaign in Florida, a key swing state in the election and home to the World-Series bound Tampa Bay Rays.

After being introduced by several Rays players during a campaign rally in Tampa Bay today, Obama, who is a self-proclaimed fan of the Chicago White Sox, had the audacity to congratulate the crowd on their team’s surprising run to the World Series.

“I have said from the beginning that I’m a unity candidate, bringing people together. So when you see a White Sox fan showing some love for the Rays and the Rays showing some love back, you know we’re onto something here.”

Liar!!! Perhaps Mr. “unity candidate” Obama forgot that he already pretended to like that other team headed to the World Series, the Philadelphia Phillies, while campaigning in Pennsylvania last week.

“My White Sox are gone, so I’ll go ahead and root for the Phillies now.”

How dare Obama “show some love” for one team, after already vowing to root for another!? I mean what the hell is this guy trying to do anyway, win an election or something?

The Treacherous Obama Meets And Greets TB Rays Players In Florida

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