OMG, Like, WTF!? Meghan McCain Doesn’t Understand Why No One Wants To Be A Republican

Sassy blogger Meghan McCain is in the closet. And not the kind reserved for gays, but something far, far worse: liberals.

Which is why she is so totally bummed that nice old man Arlen Specter decided to ditch the Grand Old Party for greener pastures in Democratic happy land.

You see, Meghan has tons of respect for Mr. Specter. Not just because he’s the longest-serving senator from Pennsylvania, having been elected four times since 1980, but because much like herself, Arlen isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in, even if it means “ruffling a few GOP feathers” along the way. Or being forced to join a party you have nothing in common with except a famous daddy with the same last name.

Still, Meghan just can’t help but feel like Arlen’s let her and the rest of the ten or so blond, twenty-somethings still loyal to Republicans down. They needed him to fight for the “soul of the party” and instead he turned his back on them.

Sure, the polls were looking bleak in his primary, with his probable opponent nearly 20 points ahead. And, yes, like every other level-headed, progressive minded Republican before him, he’s been made to feel like an outcast by his own (increasingly fringe) party.

But that’s no reason to bolt from the party you’ve lived and loved for almost three decades! Didn’t Meghan’s father teach him anything?

You never abandon your party for your principles, you abandon your principles for your party. It’s the cardinal rule!

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