Palin Proves She Is Even Dumber Than We Thought During Couric Interview

When we heard that Alaskan GILF Sarah Palin was “annoyed” at the way Katie Couric interviewed her on CBS last week, we figured it had something to do with her inability to formulate a coherent answer to even the most seemingly straightforward question.

Perhaps Palin was annoyed at the fact that she came across less qualified to be vice-president than my four-year-old nephew. Or maybe it was her rambling response to the country’s current economic woes (health care, duh!) that set her off. Or the fact that she couldn’t muster up the name of a single newspaper she reads (hint: even the god damn Wasilla Frontiersman would’ve worked) just to get that nagging broad Katie off her back.

Nope. Palin wasn’t annoyed that she came across dumber than the retarded love child of Billy Madison and Paris Hilton. She was pissed that Couric actually asked her legitimate questions as the potential vice-president of the United States, instead of letting her show-off her skills in bashing the Barack Obama pinata that the McCain campaign had been tirelessly crafting for the last year and a half.

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