Party At The White House!

While you’re busy spending Super Bowl Sunday stuffing chips, dip, and as many wings as you can possibly fit into your mouth, President Barack Obama will be hosting his own arugula-eating football party at the White House, complete with an exclusive guest list that does not include shlubs like you and me.

It does, however, include a nice mix of Democrats and Republicans, with the obligatory representation from both Arizona and Pennsylvania. Minus John McCain of course, who regrettably didn’t make the final cut. Maybe next year, Johnny!

It is no secret that in the absence of his first love the Chicago Bears, President Obama will be rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the Super Bowl. Again.

The Steelers’ owner gave a lot of money to his campaign and head coach Mike Tomlin was one of his earliest supporters. Besides, what the hell has Arizona done for him anyway, other than not vote for him?

On second thought, they did lend him that nice old man to run against and that turned out pretty well, I’d say.

White House Turns Black And Gold

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