Pirates Don’t Just Copy Music Anymore

Arrrrrr, Ahoy Matie!

Suddenly pirates mean something other than an incoherent J
ohnny Depp in drag or some tech geek burning DVD’s in his mother’s basement.

The modern-day, ocean-faring enemies of freedom don’t need eye-patches and peg legs to terrorize the high seas searching for cargo ships to hijack and people to ransom. They just need a lawless zone of chaos from which to operate (Somalia), a starving population in a forgotten part of the world (Horn of Africa) desperately awaiting the arrival of food aid, a couple of motor boats and an assortment of AK-47’s and other automatic weapons illegally smuggled in from the United States.

Then Capt. Richard Phillips is all yours. For the bargain basement rate of $2 million. But you better hurry, cause this Gulf of Aden hostage clearance special is for a limited time only.

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