President Obama’s During-School Special On Teevee!

Soon, on Tuesday September 8th at 11 AM to be exact, President Barack Hussein Obama will take to the teevees of our nation’s classrooms for the sole purpose of indoctrinating the minds of America’s fragile youth with evil socialist beliefs.

Dangerous beliefs like the so-called “value of education” and “staying in school” and assorted other tenets of communism.

But some parents in the “Real America” are not about to stand back and allow this half-black socialist MENACE to brainwash their perfect, white little angels with some outrageous back-to-school speech encouraging students to work hard and stay in school.

Hells no! These outraged Parents-of-the-Year do not care if Ronnie Reagan and George H.W. Bush also spoke to schoolchildren through the odd, new medium called “television” in the late ’80s and early ’90s, they will simply not permit little Johnny and Jill to be subjected to the socialist agenda of Obama’s White House.

Instead, they will fight this black-socialist-presidential threat with all their might–even if it means forcing their poor white children to stay home, get dumber and watch important, constructive, AMERICAN things on the home teevee like My Super Sweet 16 and So You Think You Can Dance.

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