Proving Meek Is Better Than Racist, Dems Accept Roland "No-Taint" Burris In Senate

Temper Tantrums Aren’t Just For Kids Anymore!

Diminutive hurricane Roland “Not-Tainted” Burris steamrolled past Democratic lawmakers vowing to block his senate appointment by becoming even more of an annoying distraction than the mop-topped crime boss governor who appointed him.
After initially being refused senate entry and left to melt in the pouring rain, Burris kicked and screamed his way into the hearts of Democratic lawmakers, whose greatest fear is apparently not a tainted senator but a media feeding frenzy featuring whispers of racism and inequality.

But, you can’t really blame them for acting like a bunch of hysterical schoolkids. After all, how else could the racist Dems achieve their collective dream of having a white-only senate?

Believe me, getting Barack Obama out was hassle enough!

Roland Burris: Another Notch On His Tombstone?

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