Proving She Can Hang WIth The Big Boys, Gov. Palin Lies, Gets Away With It At RNC

It’s common knowledge that politicians will occasionally stretch the truth in order to suit their agenda. Less common is when a politician takes the truth, and douses it with gasoline and 100-proof alcohol before blasting it with an industrial-grade blow torch.

Which is exactly what happened when Gov. Palin attempted to prove herself as a reform-minded, maverick on the issue of wasteful, earmark spending in Congress.

“I told Congress, thanks but no thanks on that bridge to nowhere,” Palin told the cheering crowd of supporters at the RNC on Wednesday night, referring of course to the $398 million bridge project to connect Ketchikan, Alaska to a remote island with 50 residents and an airport.

Apparently, Palin’s memory of the incident is a little fuzzy. Turns out, not only did Palin SUPPORT the bridge proposal, she actually ran for Governor of Alaska in 2006 on a “build-the-bridge” platform. It was only after she won the election and faced national criticism that she decided the bridge-to-nowhere had to go. As for the money originally allocated for the project?

She told Congress, “Thanks, and more thanks!”

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