Publicity Stunt Or Proof There Is A God?

Ugh, not this crazy bitch again.

When I saw sultry blond she-devil Ann Coulter back in the news, I figured she’d either made another insane comment about how “we need to immediately bomb Canada” or was trying to hawk her newest literary abomination masking itself as a book about how the Left hates America and also eats children.

Turns out I was only half-right.

Yes, anorexic Republican whore is (of course) promoting her latest contribution to the downfall of the written word: “Guilty: Liberal “Victims” And Their Assault On America.”

But this time around, Miss Coulter might not be quite as outspoken as she’d like.

Proving that yes, there is a God, word comes that right-wing darling Ann Coulter broke her jaw and needs to have her mouth WIRED SHUT!!

Yes, ladies and gentleman of this good nation, your hopes and dreams and prayers have finally been answered.

The bitch has effectively been muzzled!

A Shining Pearl Of Wisdom From AC’s Past

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