Reluctant Hero Rick Santelli Accepts Your Challenge, America!

Obama Vs. Santelli: Round ?

It’s on!

When CNBC reporter Rick Santelli went off on his wild rant about how Obama’s mortgage bailout plan forces good, hardworking Americans like himself to pay for other people’s irresponsible mistakes, he didn’t think much of it. He was just speaking from the heart.

Sure it crossed his mind that a reporter coming slightly unhinged on network television might cause some buzz, but he never thought he would be thrust into the limelight as the voice of opposition to Barack Obama’s “bad behavior bailout.”

But, much like Joe the Plumber before him, Rick the Reporter is finding his 15 minutes of fame too intoxicating to let go.

So the reluctant new Robin Hood is taking his one-man act on the road, hitting the airwaves to explain how he and his family are being terrorized by Obama’s White House just because he believes in fiscal responsibility and not giving handouts to every pathetic sap who can’t pay his mortgage.

Maybe the White House is so threatened by Santelli because they know former derivative traders and Wall Street loud-mouths who become the poster child for responsible spending have such credibility with the American public right now.

Particularly those whose day-to-day reality consists of reporting from a trading pit with a bunch of sweaty guys who make more money every time they squawk than the value of all the nation’s toxic mortgages combined.

Are You Ready For Rick?

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