Republicans Debate Who Can Mindlessly Cram The Words Taxes & Ronald Reagan Into As Many Sentences As Possible In Two Hours

If you’re like most normal, non-self loathing members of the public who don’t particularly enjoy watching eight sociopaths suffering from various delusions and mental illnesses yell at each other over who loves Ronnie Reagen and Jesus, but hates terrible (Socialist) taxes (and gays!) the most, you probably missed last night’s GOP Presidential clusterfuck debate.

Fear not, my friend! Lucky for you, some other miserable sadsack suffered through two endless hours of staring into Michele Bachmann’s crazy baby blues, while Rick Perry bragged about all the awesome people he’s executed (almost as many as Mitt’s Mormon brood!) to bring you the only two words that mean anything to today’s Grand Old Party:

Taxes and Ronald Reagan! Ronnie Reagan and Taxes!

Which is quite confusing! I mean how the hell do you tax a guy who’s been dead for ten years?

Through one of Nancy’s famous séances??

Either way, what’s Jesus, the real one, not the actor/president/tax god, gonna say when he hears they FORGOT 9/11?!?!?

Two whole hours and not a single mention??

For Christ’s sake!

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