Revenge Of The Nerds: Global Leader Edition!

Unless still-president George W. Bush has the Ebola virus, I would say the refusal by every world leader to shake the man’s hand at last weekend’s G20 Economic Summit probably has something to do with them hating every single thing his administration has done over the last eight years.

I like to call it the grownup version of the bully on the playground finally getting what he deserves after years of brutal spitball soaked, pigtail pulling terror.

But instead of getting his underwear painfully pulled over his head, Bush gets the cold shoulder, er handshake from basically every major world leader (you know you’ve screwed up when even the Dutch Finance Minister refuses to shake your hand!)

But don’t despair, Dubya! It’s not all bad. I hear Estonia and Zimbabwe are waiting for you in the sandbox.

Oh how the mighty fall!

Bush In Brighter Days

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