Rick Perry’s Riding The Republican Crazy Train Right Off The Tracks

Hey look kids, its batsh*t crazy Governor of Texas Rick “I’m not a homosexual” Perry! You remember ol’ Rick don’t you? The beautifully-coiffed leader of Texas’ secessionist movement and frequent special guest at many a Nazi teabagger rally to protest Comrade Barry’s destruction of these beautiful United States.

Now, under normal circumstances, Gov. Perry isn’t exactly what you’d call a friend to progress, or rational thought for that matter. But in the face of his upcoming gubernatorial primary against Kay Bailey Hutchinson, the man known affectionately as The Hair (sorry, Blago!) has officially hopped aboard the Republican crazy train. Full steam ahead!

In between wandering around the vast wilds of Texas trying to appeal to the lowest common denominator (you can usually find ’em wearing crotch-hugging jeans, a grease-stained bandana, and an “I Love Jesus” t-shirt), Slick Rick has pretty much lost his freakin’ mind!

You see, Rick clearly just loves his state and his Confederacy country too much to let some swarthy man with a funny name and winning smile who’s hellbent on Socialism turn this bountiful land into some Soviet wasteland.

As he explained to the lovely ladies at Midland County Republican Women’s Luncheon:

“This administration, I think, is past doesn’t care about Texas — I think this administration is interested in punishing Texas…” (Eh, we’ll just give you Bush back and call it even. Besides, another four years of Gov. Perry should do the trick.)

“I think it’s time to stand up. I say it’s time to make Tea Parties twice as big as what they were. I think it’s time for us to stand up and say [unintelligible] to Washington, DC, “we’re no longer going to accept that kind of stuff sitting down and being quiet.” (Instead, we’ll just shout unintelligible nonsense standing up!)

“This is an administration hell-bent on taking America towards a socialist country, and we ought not be afraid to say that, because that’s what it is…” (We ought not be afraid of calling them racist nutjobs either because that’s what they are.)

“I think one of our greatest challenges and greatest works in front of us right now is to stop this administration in Washington, using whatever tools we have in our disposal…” (Like Hitler signs and graphic photos of Nazi concentration camp victims??)

“I am not bashful to get up and say I believe in the Tenth Amendment…” (Stop teasing us with secession threats Ricky, it gets our hopes up!)

“They’re talking about here’s how you’re going to deliver health care in your state…this is how it’s going to be…that scares me greatly…” (The nightmare of health care that’s actually affordable–gasp!)

“This plan that they are putting before us will devastate this country and bankrupt our state, and if that ones not bad enough, go look at that cap and trade legislation that passed. You want to shut down Midland, Texas — that ought to be the shut down Midland, Texas legislation, not cap and trade. It’s going to cap something alright — it’s going to cap the economy of the entire southern United States.”

Unless of course, someone can pop a cap in Barry’s scrawny, socialist-lovin’ ass first. Not that he would endorse such a move or anything. Violence is never the answer!

Just lightly veiled threats, inciting words and riding the wave of unfounded mass hysteria right into the governor’s mansion. You know for Freedom!

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