Russian Roulette? No, Obama Just Knows You Can't Clink Glasses With Nuclear Arms!

Here’s Barry going all 007 on Russian President Dmitry Medvedev who’s, in turn, giving him the old “Care for some poison with your champagne” look while crazy, corrupt, climate change denier Czech president Vaclav Klaus daydreams about piles of money stacked high as the eye can see, or at least high enough to keep the local riff raff (poors, Slovaks and other such undesirables) out of sight.

But what great accomplishment has these three unlikely amigos bustin’ out the bubbly in joyous celebration?

Surely, nothing to do with the horrific accident that killed the president of Poland and 97 other Polish government officials and citizens when their plane crashed, in Russia, I may add. Gasp!


No, no nothing of the kind (sorry to disappoint all those Truthers and other conspiracy nuts out there!). Turns out, the three new-found chums are actually clinking glasses to celebrate the signing of a new nuclear treaty to anger Sarah Palin and also maybe stop the world from ending catastrophically in a terrible nuclear holocaust.

Ugh, so this is it, my friends. Barack Obama and the evil Russian Czars have finally cut a secret deal to “reduce nuclear weapons,” which Sarah Palin knows means we better get used to seeing old Soviet tanks rollin’ through Main Street, USA, while our children pledge allegiance to the Hammer and Sickle, trade in their Barbies and G.I. Joes for plowshares and cattle prods, and vow to worship not the evil Christian God of Capitalism, but the Atheist God of
the State and its loyal Proletariat Protectors.

Sure, today it’s all about “significantly reducing nuclear missiles and launchers” for a brighter, peaceful tomorrow, and the next thing you know America is on the long road to Tyranny, paved with the blood, sweat and tears of children en route to their new summer camp worker reeducation camp in upper Siberia. Err, make that the new, American Siberia, Sarah Palin’s very own Wasilla!

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