Sarah Knows The World’s Most Precious And Unique People Don’t Need Our Help

Sarah Palin is more than just a humble, dedicated public servant to the good people of Alaska. She is also the proud parent of a little boy with Down Syndrome named Trig, and that makes her Mother Theresa of the special needs community.

So you can imagine how disgusted the patron saint of special needs children was when she heard what that insensitive Obama character said on the Tonight Show.

“I was shocked to learn of the comment made by President Obama about Special Olympics. This was a degrading remark about our world’s most precious and unique people, coming from the most powerful position in the world.”

Just terrible! The leader of the free world criticizing the world’s “most precious and unique people” is nothing more than ignorant hate-mongering and an affront to our good American values. Which isn’t at all surprising coming from some half-black liberal commie homo like Barack Hussein Obama.

“These athletes overcome more challenges, discrimination and adversity than most of us ever will. I hope President Obama’s comments do not reflect how he truly feels about the special-needs community.”

Us too. If he didn’t hate them so much, he might want to spend even more than the $5 billion he already set aside in his economic stimulus package for early childhood education, including special needs programs.

Then Miss Palin would be once again forced to reject another $170 million specifically allocated to her state for those very same pork-filled programs to help the world’s most precious and unique people.

The resilient little buggers, you betcha they’ll be just fine!

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