Slick Rick, The Ruler!

Remember that former Pennsylvania senator and certified Republican nutjob Rick Santorum who simply CANNOT see the difference between a man having sex with another man and a man having sex with a dog?

Well, guess what America? He wants to be your next president, and as such, will head to Iowa in early October for the only reason people go to Iowa at the start of a six-month winter: to convince the Republican party’s wingnut base that they love Jesus and are ideologically deranged enough to win the Iowa Straw Poll and become the next Republican presidential nominee. Yeah!

Sort of like Mike Huckabee last year. That worked out, right?

Anyway, so crazy Rick Santorum is hoping to be like Mike and channel some sweet Iowa-love in his triumphant return to the political arena since basically getting anally raped in his 2006 Senate re-election bid trouncing. By a Democrat, no less!

So, go Rick Santorum! It’s always a treat when everything that’s wrong with the Republican Party is rolled nicely into a single, insane candidate.

Plus, I hear Iowa has quite the soft spot for whack job conservatives who believe consenting adults have no constitutional right to privacy when it comes to sexual behavior, particularly deviant kinds like homo sex, incest, polygamy, and bestiality, all of which are exactly the same and equally abominations before the Lord.

But that’s not it! Rick also happens to be anti-evolution, anti-immigrant, anti-abortion, anti-gay and anti-anything that even remotely resembles sane, rational thought or intelligence of any kind.

To make things easier, you can just call him the Antichrist.

2 comments to Slick Rick, The Ruler!

  • Jasmine212 says:

    Looks like a perfect running mate for that insane idiot Sarah Palin. Let's hope they do have one of these nut jobs running–then Obama will definitely be re-elected!

  • Anonymous says:

    In my mind I often give him a new middle or nickname: "Sanctus" or "Sanctimonious".

    Hear how sonorous?

    How fitting?

    Love your blogging. Esp: the drinking usually comes before the disorderly conduct arrest. Keep up the good work. You should be writing for Jon Stewart or Bill Maher.


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