Sweet Caroline To The Senate?

Barack And Caroline Pal Around

One of America’s last great remaining treasures, Caroline Kennedy, has decided to throw her (designer) hat into the ring and go for Hillary Clinton’s vacant senate seat, now that she’s moving on to bigger and better things as Obama’s hotshot Secretary of State.

Although it is still in the speculative stages, everyone knows Kennedy’s get what Kennedy’s want, and it will just be a matter of time before NY Gov. David Patterson “officially” appoints sweet Caroline as Hillrod’s senate replacement.

Which is totally cool with us.

She is one of the most highly respected figures in New York and has already played an active, public role during Obama’s presidential campaign, so no worries that little miss privacy will suffer from some publicity-induced breakdown and blow her big shot. As if she’d ever have to worry about lack of opportunities!

After all, she is a Kennedy. And everyone knows there is no such thing as too many Kennedy’s in Congress. It’s practically written in the Constitution.

How Sweet It Is To Be A Kennedy

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