Sarah Palin’s Much-Anticipated Assault On Literature Slated For November

Rejoice America! The release date for Sarah Palin’s much-anticipated new “book” has been moved up from spring 2010 to Nov. 17 because the world simply cannot wait one another second to devour all 400 wisdom-filled pages from Alaska’s sexiest import.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Sarah Palin and her loyal ghostwriter Lynn Vincent, the dynamic […]

Forget Moose, Sarah Palin’s About To Field Dress Levi Johnston

19-year-old Alaskan daddy Levi Johnston shot to stardom by impregnating abstinence-only crusader and female role model Bristol Palin, whose mother just happens to be the most powerful woman in Alaska! At least before she upped and quit her job of running the damn state in order to make boatloads of money hawking her book to […]

Sarah Takes Her Media War To The Internets!

Since shocking the world with her untimely departure as Alaska’s sexiest rogue governor, Sarah Palin has kept a low profile, emerging only to fight back against the evil mainstream media via her fave two underground communication channels, Facebook and Twitter, where she still sports the INACCURATE name AKGovSarahPalin!! Please, Sarah, stop getting everyone’s hopes up.
It […]