Breaking News: Ann Coulter Fails To Realize Wingnut HomoCons Have Feelings Too!

Say you’re a confused gay or lesbian patriot who hates taxes almost as much as terrible, no-good moral fabric-destroying minorities such as your own deviant homosexual self.

Now pretend, there’s actually a whole group of fellow self-loathing wingnut queers (let’s call them GOProud, shall we?) who just like you and Patty Hearst, can’t help but align […]

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, There's A Skinny Blond Alien Woman Who Hates You, But Will Gladly Take Your Gay Money Anyway!

Are you a self-hating fag or dyke who enjoys getting heckled, harassed, mistreated, discriminated and/or all around abused by the wonderful homophobic (closeted?), fear-mongering, hate-spewing, queer-bashing nutjobs on the right?

If so, then boy do we have the the event for you!

For the bargain price of one pair of Gucci shoes, (or if you’re more of […]

Only Erick Erickson Understands The Subtle Wit And Sarcasm Of Erick Erickson

Human contradiction and newest superstar addition to CNN’s savvy news team of teenage Twitterbugs, anonymous bloggers, and painfully awkward adults pretending to be tech-savvy tweens, former Red-State blogger Erick Erickson is so beyond excited to join the most trusted name in news, that he’s willing to distance himself from every insane, rambling, incoherent statement he’s […]

CPAC Goes X-Treme, Adds Snacks, Rap To Teabagging Mix

Guess what America? It’s almost the most blessed time of the season, when all the cool kids who love freedom and hate taxes descend on Washington, DC to bitch about blacks and browns, and of course, Comrade Barry’s socialist takeover of America during another rip-roaring weekend of Conservative Political Action Conference fun!But this ain’t your […]

Minnesota Finally Has A Senator…Almost

Al Franken wins! Sort of.

Five months after the rest of the country’s 50 states managed to get their act together and elect someone, anyone to represent them in Congress, the great state of Minnesota remains torn between homosexual self-help guru Stuart Smalley and reformed, grass-smoking flower child turned three-piece suit.

Luckily for them, a Minnesota court […]

Attack Of The 50 Ft. Woman: Ann Coulter Vs. Bill Maher In Chicago Smackdown!

Stop Pretending You’re Not A Crazy B*tch!

For anyone willing to fork over between $35 and $200 to watch an anorexic blonde who’s hot in a psychotic alien sort of way spar with a “liberal” comedian who hates Jesus freaks almost as much as dumb, crazy bimbos named Ann, Wednesday night’s Coulter/Maher showdown at the Chicago […]

CPAC: It’s Just Like Lollapalooza, Minus The Music And Fun

How Cute, A GOP Furry!

Ah yes. It is once again that beautiful time of the year when every gun-loving, gay bashing nut job from around the country descends on Washington for a rip-roaring weekend of Conservative Political Action Conference fun!

There, the brightest conservative minds in the country will gather at the Omnishore Hotel to bitch […]

Ann Coulter Under Investigation For Being Too Perfect

Smile If You’re Insane!

Giraffe-necked darling of the right Ann Coulter is reportedly under investigation for being her usual ray of sunshine self, this time for her not-at-all sketchy attempt to register to vote in Connecticut while already being registered to vote in New York.

Which should come as a real surprise from the original long-legged poster […]

Publicity Stunt Or Proof There Is A God?

Ugh, not this crazy bitch again.

When I saw sultry blond she-devil Ann Coulter back in the news, I figured she’d either made another insane comment about how “we need to immediately bomb Canada” or was trying to hawk her newest literary abomination masking itself as a book about how the Left hates America and […]

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Country First "View" Of Things

“Women Can Dress Like Highlighters, Too!”

Surprisingly attractive conservative chatterbox Elisabeth Hasselbeck took a break from pissing off her View co-hosts to spend the weekend campaigning with another similarly attractive, strong-willed female, GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Unfortunately, the third musketeer, Ann Coulter, was too busy picketing the funerals of gay US soldiers killed […]