There’s Only One Version Of History John McCain Follows: His Own!

It ain’t easy being Gramps McCain. As if trying to turn into a bag of Earl Gray in order to defeat some insane, initial-named birther, J.D. Hayworth, isn’t hard enough, Johnny has the unfortunate task of doing it all while fighting a losing battle with dementia, and a daughter and trophy wife who simply […]

Obama To GM CEO: "Hit The Road, Rick!"

Rick Wagoner, He Gone!

Presidential bully Barack Obama’s reign of terror against the humble, hard-working CEO’s of the auto industry continued over the weekend.

The latest casualty of his war on greed was none other than General Motors’ CEO Richard Wagoner, whose high-rolling, eight year tenure ushering in the collapse of the GM empire came to an […]

Step Aside, Leroy Brown-There’s A New Baddest Man In Town!

Aw, hell no, AIG! In case you forgot, there’s a new sheriff in town. And this one ain’t f**king around. He means business.

But not the kind of business the wonderful folks over at AIG are used to. You know, the kind that fleeces $173 billion from the public in order to reward the brilliant […]