Too Bad For Christine O'Donnell (But Good For The Rest Of Us!) The Wicked Witch Of Delaware Couldn't Cast A Spell Making Her Own Dumb, Idiot Self Disappear

Christine O’Donnell is not a witch (maybe). She’s you! If you too happen to be an unstable, crazy D-list airhead who, instead of masturbating like some deviant whore, spends your ample spare time blurting out as many outrageously dumb, offensive things to piss off as many A, B & C-list celebrities as is humanly wiccanly […]

Attack Of The 50 Ft. Woman: Ann Coulter Vs. Bill Maher In Chicago Smackdown!

Stop Pretending You’re Not A Crazy B*tch!

For anyone willing to fork over between $35 and $200 to watch an anorexic blonde who’s hot in a psychotic alien sort of way spar with a “liberal” comedian who hates Jesus freaks almost as much as dumb, crazy bimbos named Ann, Wednesday night’s Coulter/Maher showdown at the Chicago […]