With $600 Million Dollars, Why Not Just Hire The Hard-Working, Industrious Mexicans To Build A Bigger Wall?

If You Build It, They Won’t Come!

Hooray, America! Congress has saved the nation from the menacing brown threat streaming uncontrollably in from the sun ‘n drug-soaked south to steal our jobs, sex-up our supple wives & daughters, and show us dumb gringos how a real Salsa Verde is made.

So now that Congress has passed this […]

Just Because His Name's Lindsey, He Talks With A Lisp, & Is A Life-Long Bachelor Doesn't Make Him A Gay...Or A Moderate Either!

Oooh, Senator Do Tell!

Justin Bieber look-alike Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) may be a mysterious cross between a middle aged lesbian and a tweenage heartthrob, but that doesn’t mean this baby-faced, sexually ambiguous good ol’ boy from South Carolina’s gonna start donning breeches and waistcoat and throwing back cups of freshly brewed English Breakfast, like the […]

Great Scott! Anything Can Happen When Brown Turns Blue...

Oh no, the end is near! Republican Great White Hope, one-time nude model, Scott Brown, who was supposed to ride his freedom truck to Washington, DC to save America from its socialist death slide, has instead voted with the tyrannical Democratic majority to destroy a Republican filibuster of the terrible, new $15 billion ‘Jobs Bill’ […]

OMG, Like, WTF!? Meghan McCain Doesn’t Understand Why No One Wants To Be A Republican

Sassy blogger Meghan McCain is in the closet. And not the kind reserved for gays, but something far, far worse: liberals.

Which is why she is so totally bummed that nice old man Arlen Specter decided to ditch the Grand Old Party for greener pastures in Democratic happy land.

You see, Meghan has tons of respect for […]

Pot Meet Kettle

Well, well look who we have here, our old pal John McCain!

It’s been awhile since we last saw Johnny and naturally much has changed. Like John McCain going from an “angry old candidate to an angry old defeated candidate.”

On Sunday, the J Mac took his angry self to CNN, so he could let the American […]

Master Of The House

It’s On!
President Barack Obama faced down scary House Republicans on Tuesday only to find the hard chargin’, tough talkin’ swingers of the right softer than a bunch Pillsbury dough boys.

The night before a key vote on a key economic stimulus bill, Obama met privately with GOP House leaders on Tuesday where he coaxed them […]