The State Of The Nation Is...A Bunch Of Angry White People Shrieking At Muslim Kids Going To A Charity Event For Battered Women & Homeless People

Here in America, there are some otherwise seemingly normal people who, upon, hearing the word Muslim, or seeing an actual woman wearing a burqa, suddenly morph into shrieking mindless mobs of ignorant, intolerant bigoted red, white, ‘n blue wretches who just can’t help but hurl racist, vile things (preferably through a megaphone) at innocent young […]

Uh-Oh, Meg Whitman's Illegal Mexican Housekeeper Was, In Fact, Illegal, Mexican!

Since there is no Buy It Now button to instantly purchase the utterly unwanted job of California Governor, eBay Power Seller™ and notorious employee abuser Meg Whitman is instead forced to engage in a bidding war, like some petty commoner, in the hopes that it is indeed possible for the one-time CEO of the […]

Breaking News: California Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban, But Still No Gay Fist Pump From Barry!

OMG, breaking news America! California has officially gone gay…again! But this time maybe for reals even…Like by law for reals!

In one fell stroke of the gavel and 136 pages of dead trees, Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker ruled that California is now a tolerant state, dem crazy Mormons will have to go back to […]

Like Mother, Like Son: Meg Whitman’s Offspring Also Under Fire For Beating Up A Girl, Hooray!

Billionaire ex-eBay CEO Meg Whitman, who for some reason spent $71 million of her own vast fortune to win the GOP primary for the utterly unwanted job of California Governor, is naturally “qualified” for the position because of her very important work selling assorted crap to the world via the Internets for a while.

But […]

When Not Bashing Gays, California Republican Roy Ashburn Spends His Time Being Gay At Gay Bars


California State Sen. Roy Ashburn, a vehemently anti-gay, family values Republican father of four, who’s voted against every gay rights measure in the State Senate since taking office, including recognizing out-of-state same-sex marriages, Harvey Milk Day and expanding anti-discrimination laws (ya know, for the children!), has a dirty little secret of his own: he’s a […]

Obama Promises Not To Forsake Gays, But Only After Election Is Over

Okay, so we totally understand that Prop 8 is a really big deal and all. And not just for you Californians, but for the rest of us normal, old-fashioned Americans, too.

But, couldn’t you guys at least wait until after the Election to start making a whole fuss about how Barack Obama hasn’t been vocal enough […]

Warning: Even Hot, Lingerie Clad Lesbians Not Safe From Prop 8-Enforcing Mormons In California

Listen up, Lesbos!

If you do not vote NO on California’s Proposition 8 to ban same-sex marriage, closeted Mormons will invade your homes to steal your rights and gleefully rummage through your drawer of sinful lace panties.

That’s right.

If you vote in favor of Prop 8 on Nov. 4, crazed Mormons from the Church of Latter Day […]