Friendly Georgia Town Hall Crowd Wants To Know When Someone Is Gonna Shoot President Obama, Already?

Notorious Republican nutjob Rep. Paul Broun of Georgia is known for saying and doing the most batshit crazy things that make even the most deranged, unhinged, recently escaped mental patients seem downright cool, calm, collected, and fit-as-a-fiddle in comparison.

So it should come as no surprise that the same Georgia Peach who refused to attend the […]

Blowin' Hot Air: Georgia Rep. Paul Broun Warns Of Scary Energy Bill Killing Overheated, Old Southerners

Esteemed congressman and beloved right wing caricature of an actual thinking human being, Georgia Peach, Rep. Paul Broun is no stranger to making mindblowingly dumb, racist comments whenever he gets the chance to spout his big fat trap on some subject he knows nothing about (all?).

When opportunity knocks, you better answer it people!

For good ol’ […]

It Wouldn't Be A Health Care Debate Without A GOP Congressman Tossing Civil War Threats Around

Nevermind the millions of struggling Americans whose lives depend on the health care bill passing, the best part of this bill–and there are SO MANY good parts to choose from–is all the casual talk of violence and chaos that will be incited by confused, not-so-bright teabaggers all all across the mighty U.S. of A.

Surely, such […]