Michael Steele Bravely Cracks The Whip, Firing Two RNC Scapegoats For His S&M Sexytime Fun

Is Michael Eyeing Another Prime Chance To Screw His Party?

Perpetual butt of late night talk shows and even-later night scandals involving lesbian bondage clubs, big pimpin’ RNC Chairman Michael Steele has finally stepped up and taken responsibility for the Republican Party’s reckless, sexytime spending sprees at various, upscale lezzy S&M clubs, if by “stepping […]

Sorry Charlie! One Down, Only 18,537,969 More Car Crash Victims To Save Before Election Day

Much Like Their Oranges, Florida’s Lawmakers Are Sweet, Fruity & Immediately Shipped Out

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s wild journey from rising Republican star to terrible persona non grata was made official the moment he went “Indy” and turned Florida’s once moral, decent, family-values two-way Senate race into a sinful, filthy ménage à trois, unbecoming of […]

Michael Steele Admits GOP Has Been Using Race For 40+ Years, As Its Actual Strategy, Hooray!

Everyone knows honesty is the best policy, except when you’re the off-the-hook black chairman of the Republican National Committee and one of those nosy, arugula-eating, liberal elitists asks some crazy, trick question like “Why should an African-American vote Republican?”

Now this is typically the moment when said politician or in this case, esteemed RNC Chairman, espouses […]

Fly Like An Eagle...First Class, Leather Bound, And Heading Towards Extinction

Young Eagles: Higher They Soar, Farther They Fall

Hellooooooo Eagles!

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of America’s favorite fowl-named, RNC-created group for the young, spry offspring of mega-rich oil barons and banking moguls, the “Young Eagles,” thanks to their recent late-night “fundraiser” featuring women slaves in dog collars doing lesbiany things to each other […]

What Bends But Doesn't Break? Michael Steele After A Big GOP Sexytime Scandal!

Yo, yo America, it’s your big pimpin’, off-the-hook RNC Chairman of youth, Michael Steele comin’ at ya live after this not-so-fly week involving me, some GOP peeps, and a couple stacks of Benjies bein’ tossed around some bondage-themed Lezzy clubs. Holla back y’all!

Well, turns out not everyone in the hip hop Grand Old Party of […]

GOP Tries New, Mature Approach: Biting Their Nose To Spite Their Face

Oops, Reality Must Have Caught Mitch Off Guard Again!

Wah Wah! No fair! She hit me first! He pulled my hair! Wah Wah!

Like everything else they handle so impressively well, the Republicans’ uncanny ability to face facts and accept defeat like mature, responsible adults elected by the people to represent the people, was in full effect […]