Breaking News: Ann Coulter Fails To Realize Wingnut HomoCons Have Feelings Too!

Say you’re a confused gay or lesbian patriot who hates taxes almost as much as terrible, no-good moral fabric-destroying minorities such as your own deviant homosexual self.

Now pretend, there’s actually a whole group of fellow self-loathing wingnut queers (let’s call them GOProud, shall we?) who just like you and Patty Hearst, can’t help but align […]

Somewhere Over The Rainbow, There's A Skinny Blond Alien Woman Who Hates You, But Will Gladly Take Your Gay Money Anyway!

Are you a self-hating fag or dyke who enjoys getting heckled, harassed, mistreated, discriminated and/or all around abused by the wonderful homophobic (closeted?), fear-mongering, hate-spewing, queer-bashing nutjobs on the right?

If so, then boy do we have the the event for you!

For the bargain price of one pair of Gucci shoes, (or if you’re more of […]