At Least There's One Thing We Can All Agree On: Getting Rid Of That Awful Joe Lieberman

Wah Wah…Is It The Ol’ Heave Ho For Traitor Joe?

Beloved pariah and internationally celebrated Traitor Joe Lieberman has always prided himself on a few special qualities: physics-defying, almost impossibly droopy jowls, hideously annoying whine of a voice, the unique ability to weasel between parties, working both sides of the aisle to do whatever is best […]

Sorry Charlie! One Down, Only 18,537,969 More Car Crash Victims To Save Before Election Day

Much Like Their Oranges, Florida’s Lawmakers Are Sweet, Fruity & Immediately Shipped Out

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist’s wild journey from rising Republican star to terrible persona non grata was made official the moment he went “Indy” and turned Florida’s once moral, decent, family-values two-way Senate race into a sinful, filthy ménage à trois, unbecoming of […]