The Most Nerve-Wracking Moment of George W. Bush’s Presidency Was Throwing A Baseball; Throwing Two Wars & An Economy In The Gutter Is Child's Play

How’s That For A Strike?

Human caricature and accidental cowboy president George W. Bush sure had a lot of “nerve-wracking” moments during his 8-year reign showering peace and prosperity smart bombs and death onto the land with his signature combination of utter recklessness and absolute idiocy.

And with the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, two endless, […]

48 Cringe-Worthy Examples Of What Not To Do When Interviewing The President Of The United States

As you already know (hell, I told you yesterday, for chrissake!), fearless Fox News reporter of truth and resident philosopher of the moon, tides, and all wonders of the vast cosmos, Papa Bear Bill O’Reilly, conducted a much anticipated, super hyped Super Bowl interview with sitting President of the United States, Barack Obama.

Only it was […]