Crazy New Maine Governor Paul LePage Declares War On Labor...In The Form Of Historic Art Murals In The State Capital

It is no secret that several Republican governors, like that one Kochsucker in Wisconsin, have waged an all-out, no holds-barred, full-frontal assault on those no-good workers’ unions and their terrible, ungodly right to collectively bargain fair wages and safe working conditions so they don’t end up dying both penniless and limbless, since everyone knows it’s […]

Woohoo! Maine Tea Party 'Movment' Ready To Mov Forward, With Or Without The Elitist Letter "E"

Mov Forward Amerika!

Justin Timberlake can bring all the sexy back he wants, so long as he leaves bringin’ dem good ol’ fashioned red meat family-values back to those who understand such things, like the Teabaggers at the Maine Lobsterback Festival.

These patriotic freedom fighters aren’t just putting the “Red” back in “Lobster,” they’re taking the “E” […]