The Original Lipstick Covered Pig Hops On A Hog To Honor War Veterans...And Herself, Of Course!

While the rest of (fake) America guzzled beer and stuffed brats into their mouths, the nation’s #1 favoritest patriot rumbled through Washington DC perched atop a badass Harley Davidson because nothing’s more appropriate than Sarah Palin kicking off her presidential tour riding bitch on the back of a gas guzzlin’ Hog.

That’s right, folks! In honor […]

BP Apologizes For Failing To "Top Kill" Anything, Except Mother Earth, Of Course!

Howdy America and Happy Memorial Day to all of you, even those who aren’t in the military and have done nothing to honor our soldiers except shove brats and burgers in your big. fat mouths while competing to see who can guzzle the most beers and smash the empty cans against their foreheads in the […]