John McCain's So Maverick, He Doesn't Even Remember If He Is One!

Oh no-zees! Between the scorching desert heat and the toll that comes with selling your soul to the highest bidder (Cindy, Satan, what’s the difference?) while trying to fend off a horseback riding hell-raiser by the initials J.D. Hayworth, John McCain can hardly remember anything these days, let alone his actual media-given name, John “Maverick” […]

Yes We Can, Drill, Baby Drill!

Per usual, President Barack Obama is doing all he possibly can to extend an Olive Branch to all those (Teabaggers, Republicans, Racists, etc) who’d like nothing more than to give him the ol’ heave ho back to the sweltering Kenyan wilderness he came from, by finally letting the nice oil companies drill, baby drill their […]

Fun Facts: Special Literal Edition!

Ooooh, everybody loves fun facts! Literally. Everybody.

Did you know?

Beautiful blue-eyed bombshell Michele Bachmann is literally Nostradamus (with ovaries!) because she correctly predicted that Barack Obama is literally Hitler or at the very least, any one of the other notoriously evil monsters of humanity over the last oh, two centuries or so.

And also Obama is […]