Beat It Boehner! Michelle Obama's Eyes Have No Time For Idiot Orange Men Or Their Drunken Jokes

Umm, Why Is Boehner’s Wife Snatching & Stuffing Swag Into Her Purse?

If looks could kill John Boehner would be deader than his poor, booze-soaked liver.

But what in the Inaugural Ball prompted America’s always-lovely-and-poised First Lady Michelle Obama to roll her big, sexy eyes at ol’ House Speaker John Boehner like some petulant teenager […]

It's All About The O: Michelle Obama Wins Election For Barack, Twitter For Herself

Oooooh yeah, that’s my girl. Look how sexy she looks in her hot rhubarb dress, talking ’bout how naturally awesome I am at this whole presidentin’ thing, letting all the ladies know why there’s only one man with the (basket)balls big enough to fill her the Oval Office, and give America what it really needs […]

"It Was A Dark And Stormy (Election) Night..."

Gather ‘Round Children, It’s Democrat Scary Story Time!

“When suddenly the most hideous, deformed, terrifying, socially backwards monster-in-a-sweater-vest appeared out of the abyss (of rural Pennsylvania) to STEAL THE ELECTION and terrorize the nation’s fashion sense.  And no woman’s sex organ is safe from THE CLAW! AAAAAGGGHHHH!”

Where the Wild Things Are? In Rick Santorum’s […]

Obama Gently Reminds Serial Hotel Maid Groper & (Former) IMF Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Look With Your Eyes, Not With Your Hands!

“Sir, Step Away From The First Lady!”

Some pictures say a thousand words. This one just says four: Watch It Old Man!

Okay, okay, fine, so alleged sexual assault is usually no laughing matter. But then again, this 2009 photo of alleged sexual assaulter and serial maid harasser Dominique Strauss-Kahn meeting President Barack Obama and First Lady […]

Teabaggers Don't Understand Why The NAACP Thinks Mobs Of Armed White Men Trying To Take Back Their Country From Blacky NObama Is In Any Way Racist

First Lady of arm muscles Michelle Obama and her toned, sexy upper limbs headed down to America’s #1 party destination Kansas City to attend the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), where the organization will, among other things, vote on a resolution condemning the Tea Party movement as […]

This Just In: Barack Obama's Entire Family Is Officially Black...Gasp!

OMG!! So, while we were off stuffing our fat faces full of marshmallow Peeps and Cadbury Creme Eggs in celebration of our Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ’s miraculous resurrection from the sweet hereafter, President Barack Obama was secretly filling out his evil Socialist Census, and what does Mr. Community Organizer go and do?

Finally ‘fesses up […]