Failed Family Values Republican Candidate Proves He's Still #1 At Beating His Wife

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: A wingnut Republican from some bumblef*ck place in the South is caught abortin’, fornicatin’, beatin’, lyin’ or pretty much doing the one terrible, non-Jesusy thing they are always shrieking about, other than that black feller in the White House.

Like the newest member of the fraternity of Grand Old […]

WWJD? "Man Up, Accept Responsibility, & Let The Poor Bastard's House Burn Like A Good Christian Martyr!"

What Would Jesus Do? Let the broke-ass motherf**ker burn baby burn!

I mean what the hell else would El Savior do? Grab a hose, start sprayin’ and save a family’s home, three dogs, a cat, and the now-charred, still-smoldering remains of any human decency still existing in the world??

Wake up, junior! There’s no such thing as […]