Tennessee Cocktail: One Part Gun, Two Parts Liquor...All Disaster

State Senator Doug Jackson is a smart man. He knows how important the right to keep and bear arms is. It’s as American as apple pie! But what’s even more American is the right to carry concealed weapons into bars and restaurants, thanks to the hard work of national hero Tennessee state senator Doug Jackson, whose brilliant legislation was signed into law after state legislators voted to override the pussy governor’s veto.

While some killjoys Tennessee lawmakers have criticized the bill, saying “it’s a bad idea to have guns and alcohol in close proximity,” others like Sen. Doug Jackson and the National Rifle Association (NRA) know there is nothing to worry about.

Clearly, handgun permit holders in the great state of Tennessee are responsible and would never break the law by actually drinking when they bring their loaded Glock’s into an establishment designed solely to provide alcohol to its customers. They have the good sense to know that drunk Southerners and loaded firearms do not mix. That would be lunacy! But, a sober patron packing heat in a crowded bar full of shit-faced, trigger happy, law-abiding citizens is the first step to reducing crime and keeping America safe.

Too bad Democratic Gov. Phil Bredesen, who is a gun owner and hunter himself, doesn’t understand that guns don’t cause crime, people do.

“I still think I’m right. I still think that guns in bars is a very bad idea. It’s an invitation to a disaster.”

Don’t be silly. Think of it more as an invitation for Tennessee’s economy to really blossom. Funeral home directors and undertakers, ca-ching!!

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